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School Programs

Young Audiences Artist Teaching  

School Programs: Classes, Performances and workshops

Chata Addy and Sasuma with his students performing at the school. FUN!

Chata Addy have put together a program for youth of all ages, for schools and public. This program is a opportunity for the youth to learn about different cultures through music.  Chata Addy teaches a traditional Ghanaian drumming, dance, songs, language,beat and rhythms. Opportunity of a lifetime giving that Chata is an amazing teacher. Students will learn different social rhythm from Chata tribe of the Ga people of Ghana.West Africa.


Drummers are going to learn the hand positions, techniques and how to use them to make the sounds on the drum, and how to sing the sounds the ton of beats. Also how to communication with the drum with other instrument’s. Dancers will learn a dance movements that will communicate with the drums.



For booking/Teaching Artist/School Performance/Monthly Drum workshop

Tel. 503-473 -1651