Chata Addy & Susuma

Funky Highlife Afro Reggae World Beat

-Chata Addy and Susuma performed at LoveJoy Fountain Park for Summer Free Movie/Concert Program

Chata Addy’s band, Susuma, plays original contemporary style music featuring a Ghanaian Funky Highlife Afro Reggae World Beat sound.  Chata, as leader of the band is a triple threat performing on the congas (Tweensheen), the talking drum (Odono), and lead vocals. 

The band's extensive background in drumming brings plenty of energy to the stage. Whether Chata Addy is singing in his native Ghanaian (Ga) language or in English, the audience can understand and feel the joy in his music.

For booking:
503-473 -1651

Mimi Manavihare - Drum Set

Mimi hails all the way from Madagascar. His musical influences span even farther. Ask him to play any style. Go ahead, ask him!

Tim Acott - Bass

Tim hails from Polecat Bench, WY
He as been playing bass for 53 years.

Russ Miller - Guitar

Russ learned his first chords out of a Beatles' Songbook. 
He has been playing guitar ever since...
Ever since the Beatles were actually still playing together.

Jeff Knutzen - Guitar

In addition to playing amazing guitar,
Jeff runs his own music studio.

Jim Moore - Skankin' Guitar

Jim Moore plays a mean skank,
and is a long time player in
Portland's Reggae scene

Michael Shoehorn - Alto Saxophone

Tap dancer, multi-instrumentalist and composer,
Shoehorn began his unique musical journey on the streets of 
New Orleans, going on to perform in over 30 countries.

Sammy Lett - Tenor Saxophone/Flute/Manager

Sammy has traveled the world with his Sax.
He loves bringing good music to people
and is eager to help you get Chata to 
your event!