This is what I feel

by Chata Addy & Susuma

Released 1999
Chata Addy Records
Released 1999
Chata Addy Records
Upbeat West African music from Ghana; blending a traditional and contemporary world beat and sound.
Chata Addy, born into a large family of professional drummers, musicians, and dancers, has been performing since a young age. His father, Tettey Kojo Addy, who is renowned as a much respected composer, drummer and dancer in Ghana, taught Chata, as a young boy, the West African traditions of music.

This influence has yielded Chata the opportunity of recording with the likes of King Sunny Ade, performing with I.K. Daro, Jimmy Cliff, The Mathalian Queens, and among many others.

Chata Addy & Susuma play upbeat West African music from Ghana, where they blend a traditional and contemporary style; featuring a Ghanaian Afro-Reggae and Funky Highlife world beat and sound. Chata, as the lead vocalist and song writer, plays three congas, the talking drum, and is backed by an exciting multi-piece band.

Chata’s background in drumming brings plenty of energy to the stage. His joy in sharing his musical gift with his audiences is illuminating! For Chata, it’s all about making the people want to dance, jam out to the music and feel good. Whether he is singing in his native Ghanaian language or the English language, his audiences understand and receive the Susuma, “soul”, and Ga, “the essence of good vibes”.

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